What unites us is greater than what divides us.

Founder Richie Butler


Jun 21 2024

Project Unity Collab Lab, DEI Partner Network Meeting

The DEI Collab Lab Day is a half-day event for DEI professionals to network, share best practices and leverage resources in an effort to continuously move the needle forward in the diversity, equity and inclusion space regardless of the industry. The success of any company is based on its people and culture, which drives employee performance, morale and production. When an organization makes DEI an anchor and not an effort, real change occurs, and cultural inclusivity is realized. Together, let’s “Mute the Noise” on the outside voices who want to stagnate change and let’s keep “moving forward”. Let’s convene together and learn how sports can be a catalyst for advancing DEI no matter the team.


Professionals who work in diversity, equity and inclusion roles including Chief Diversity Officers, HR and DEI departments to DEI committee leaders and ERGs board members.