Signature Programs

Project Unity hosts a number of signature programs in Dallas throughout the year to encourage unity and safe, honest communication about race relations. From community-building events to educational activities, we have programs fitting for people of all ages.

Together We Ball

Our annual Together We Ball event brings the Dallas community together for an afternoon of fun family activities, an exhibition basketball game played by local high schools, and the headliner Pastors & Police basketball game featuring religious and community leaders and Dallas law enforcement.

Together We Learn

Together We Learn is a program where law enforcement dialogue with Dallas-area teens and provide practical instruction on how to act and react during traffic or pedestrian stops.

Together We Dine

Together We Dine sparks courageous and safe conversations about race at the dining table among total strangers. Led by a facilitator, participants will engage in healthy and structured dialogue that builds relationships and trust.

Other Events

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Together We Pray

Together We Pray was a weekly conference call for religious leaders from across the nation to join in prayer and reflection on ways to promote race relations and racial healing.

Gospel Goes Classical

Project Unity was proud to present Gospel Goes Classical for its signature fundraiser in February 2019 in partnership with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. By blending the historical genre of Gospel and Classical, it was the very symbolism needed to continue Project Unity’s mission of bridge-building.