What unites us is greater than what divides us.

Founder Richie Butler


Jun 20 2024

Together We Dine | TWS UNITY Dine (Private Event)

Together We Sing (TWS) sponsors, special guests, and members from the arts community are invited to bring your authentic self to the table and participate in Together We Dine: UNITY Dine as part of our week of activities for the Together We Sing concert as we celebrate Project Unity’s 10-Year Anniversary!

Started in 2017 in partnership with the Dallas Bar Association, Together We Dine (TWD) provides an opportunity for people to convene and have safe conversations about race over a meal. The unique experience Project Unity offers allows for participants to reflect on their life journey and its impact on their thoughts, biases and opinions on matters regarding race relations and social justice. We recognize that we all come from different places, backgrounds and corners of the country, but we are all bonded by the common thread of humanity. Following an introduction of fellowship, Project Unity facilitators will lead interactive small group discussions between participants. It is our hope that through Together We Dine you find that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. Welcome to the table!